How to bet on golf in 5 easy steps

Betting on sports has become ever so present in all countries around the globe, so much, that people have betting services for almost any sport, including golf. Unlike other sports like football and basketball, golf and its rules are less known to the general population. If you still have doubts about betting on golf, you might want to try out online free slots, where slot machines can get you going before you dive into golf.

Once you are done relaxing, here are 5 steps which you can use to increase your odds of winning a golf bet:

1. Golf Betting Odds What They Actually Mean:

Once you see a list of players you can bet on, you might see numbers like 56.0 or 250.0, each representing each golfers odds of winning a tournament. The lower the number, the better the odds for the player to win a tournament. Dividing 1 with the selected number, lets say, 56.0, you get 0.0178, which is equal to 1.78% chance of winning a tournament. Bet smart, but have in mind who is playing, and where.

2. The Tournaments Where the Players Decide Your Odds

There are two main tours which attract golfers from around the world, namely the PGA Tour which is held mostly in the USA and the European Tour which has destination around Europe as well as South America and Asia.

Both of these will attract the best golfers, as well as upcoming newcomers, mainly due to large prize pools and world ranking points.

The professionals have another 4 major tournaments they compete in, the USPGA Championship, The Masters, The Open Championship and the US Open. These also have high stakes and many famous professionals.

3. Where and How to Bet

Online gambling is legal in many countries, provided one is of legal gambling age. Make sure you find a reputable online betting service, in other words, ones that have been confirmed by third party review sites and have a secure connection. Each reputable site will have clear instructions on how to bet.

4. Betting Options Types of Golf-Related Bets

Surely enough, you can bet on the tournament winner, but there are other things you can bet on, like the top 10 or 20 players in a specific tournament. You can also bet on top nationality, where players from the same country compete. You can also bet on hole in one strikes or player vs player, if you fancy a more duel-like environment.

5. Know Your Game Various Things to Note

Like any other game, where you know the players and teams, you should know the players that will compete in various tournaments, as well as the courses. You should also note the previous statistics of the players, thus knowing who not to bet on.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to winning some money while enjoying a relaxing game of golf.


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