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If you still think that eSports will never live up to the popularity of real sports, millions of gaming fans from across the globe will beg to differ. hen it comes to the sport of golf, it is very much alive in the eSports community, and here we will cover some of the most popular golf games played in professional gaming competitions.

Golf Pro!

Esports is not only played on PCs and consoles, as you can also compete against other players using your mobile or tablet device. Golf Pro is one such game, which allows gamers from all across the globe to compete on their iOS devices. There are leaderboards, trophies, virtual currencies, but also real cash prizes. The game takes the place in a series of mini golf courses that are placed in the middle of the ocean. You can download it for free and be rewarded for a $50 deposit bonus.

PGA Tour

EA Sports has been known for making some of the best sports games for over two decades. Their PGA Tour game has an annual release and it features real life golf players and very realistic golf courses. Its no surprise that this popular golf game has millions of fans all over the world, and its even less surprising that there is more than a handful of players which have taken their skills to a professional level. There are EA Sports PGA Tour competitions held constantly, and you too can find your way into one of these competitions if you got what it takes.

The Golf Club 2

One of the latest games on the list, The Golf Club 2 is a successor to its 2014 vanilla release. It features amazing graphics and physics, as well as the ability to create your own golf course. Apart from the career mode that is single-player only, online matches allow you to play against up to three different opponents. Of course, world leaderboards are included, and people are often organizing live competitions for real money prizes.

John Daly’s ProStroke Golf

If you’re a true golf fan, you know how PC games based on this sport can seem unrealistic. Modern games tend to make golf physics as best as possible, but its not a simple task, and a lot of game developers fail to bring that realism to PC or consoles. Few games can compare to John Daly’s ProStroke Golf in this segment. There is little simulation here, and players can perform accurate shots using the ProStroke control system that is unlike any other. More so, the ambient is phenomenal, as you can hear wind blowing and birds chirping just like on a real golf course. This is possibly a golf game that requires the most skill out of all, and top players are extremely hard to beat.

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