The Popularity of Golf Compared to Other Sports

Some sports are, beyond a doubt, much more popular than others. Football is such a sport. It often tops the charts when it comes to the number of fans and frequently, profit. Professional football players can earn upwards of 100 million dollars per year, even though there are currently only two with such a huge salary.

Golf, while not as popular or as profitable, still sits at the top, comfortably in the middle of the pack of the ten most popular sports in the world. Golf is attractive for various reasons.

Betting – The Punter’s Favorite

Football, hockey, cricket and tennis, more than other sports, are to be found on all the TVs in various casinos throughout the world. Now, golf is also popular, but being the quiet kind of sport that it is, it is not talked about as much. People who bet on golf tend to stick to themselves and avoid huge meetings at their local bookmaker.

As with other sports, betting on golf has its pros and cons, but people choose to do it, regardless. Promotional codes and sign-up bonuses are also what attracts people to bet on golf and other sports, bonuses like this Unibet Cheltenham offer. Even though football and cricket are more popular, golf is right there at the top of the charts.

The Quiet Person’s Sport

Golf is even more attractive due to its quiet nature. The gameplay is often relaxing, even though a golfer might lose their ball in the woods or the water. When such a thing happens, it is usually the most exciting one, except maybe for a hole in one.

Compared to other, contact sports, golf is far more relaxing and offers people a great way of enjoying the thrill of competition, without the added drama of contact and possible injuries. Golf is a great sport to watch at all times throughout the day.

Golf has Huge Salaries

While the top golfers do not earn as the top basketball or football players, the 43 million dollars which Tiger Woods earned in 2017 are a statement to the amount of money a person can earn playing golf. Tiger Woods is an outstanding player with an outstanding brand, but is not the only golfer to make more than 10 million dollars every year. Since the sport became more and more popular during the last two decades, more athletes have come to prominence and earned their own fans, bringing more people to the sport.

Variety in Golf

Even though many people are unfamiliar with the history of golf, the Ladies Professional Golf Association was founded in 1950. Its popularity was not close to that of the PGA for many a decade. Nowadays, the LPGA gains as much attention as the PGA, bookmakers and fans looking forward to every tour or major tournament.

Golf is an amazing sport which takes the thrill of the contact sports and envelopes it in silence and a lot of green. Golf is a popular sport, regardless of its seemingly unfun appearance.

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