Golf Players That Made History

Playing golf seems like a boring activity but many would argue otherwise, especially golf superstars who made their lives and that of many others by playing golf. There are plenty of stars in the world of golf, many of which earn as much as any top tier athlete. The rise of popular golf players also made golf a popular sport in sportsbooks, especially in the UK and US.

Here are the golfers which made this sport so popular that it became a top hit in sportsbooks.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the most recognizable name in modern golf. His career boomed in 1997 and he dominated for more than a decade. He has 81 PGA victories, and is important as he showed everyone what it means to be an athlete and not just a golfer. Tiger Woods is responsible for all the modern golfers striving to be athletes and golfers, and not just people skilled with a club.

Tiger Woods dominated the early 2000s. His performance, however, faltered and he had not won anything since 2008, up until 2019. He managed to win the 2019 Masters, after such a long period of not winning a single thing. He also won 4 consecutive majors in a row, often called a Tiger Slam. Tiger Woods is also the reason as to why many people nowadays know and adore golf, some even watching it in their spare time, who had no notion of golf before his appearance on the scene.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is an older name in golf, older than Tiger Woods, definitely. He is the golfer with the most major victories, 18 of them. He also had the most runner-up majors, being second in 19 competitions. Tiger Woods has 81 PGA victories, and he is the second of all with that many and Nicklaus has 73 victories, earning a solid third place.

He was the first to have triple slams of the four major golf tournaments. He is known as the best champion in golf, due to his many titles and second place finishes. He won a masters at the age of 46 and is the oldest golfer to have done that. He won that masters in 1986.

Sam Snead

The first man according to the number of PGA victories, 82, with Tiger Woods trailing by only one, Sam Snead was active during the 40s and the 50s. He won all the opens, except the US. Open, where he managed to place second 4 times. Interestingly enough, he had a career which spanned 5 decades. He was the most active during the 40s and 50s of the previous century, but he was active for much longer. He actually manage to place top 10 in the majors in 5 different decades, the only player to ever do so.

Phil Mickelson

He isn’t the player with the most titles or with the most appearances, even though he is ninth on the list of most PGA wins. Phil Mickelson started playing professionally in 1992. He managed to win his first masters in 2004, just 12 years later. He won several majors and even managed to win a PGA tour championship at the age of 47 in 2018.

These are the golfers which made the sport popular and who will be remembered for a long time.

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