Pro Golfers to Watch in 2022!

Professional sports can be really entertaining, especially if one watches a sport for pleasure and entertainment that is parallel to the entertainment sports fans have when they have fun with promotions like BetMGM Arizona. Even when watching sports is a part of your job, they can be very fun. The athleticism is always great to see, not to mention things such as sportsmanship and good spirit.

Golf is a sport that tends to have less drama than other sports which have more contact between the players, even if indirect. Professional golf can be very interesting to watch. 2022 is upon us and there have already been some great golf matches. Here are the best golfers that have played them, the ones to look out for in 2022.

Jon Rahm

Jon Rahm is a great golfer, the one to look out for before heading into the US Open 2022, where he is the defending champion. He finished the 2021 season number one, and probably would have remained there, had not another player started playing very well, namely Scottie Scheffler. Rahm has not had a great major season in 2022, but the US Open favours him and he is looking like a top contender.

FederaciĆ³n de Golf de Madrid, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Scottie Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler started the year at position number 12. This is an okay position to be at, given that you are at the top of the world with the best golfers. However, he had such a good start to the season that he moved all the way to rank 1. Scottie won four of the eight events that he played at the start of the season and has had a top eight finish at all the majors leading to the US Open, which is why he is one of the most dangerous contenders for the title.

Justin Thomas

Consistency beats flair all the time. Justin Thomas has won at least one title every single year since 2014. This is more than enough to keep him at the top of the rankings, currently sitting at a comfortable number 5. He has two majors under his belt but his success at the US Open has been varying through the years. Given that he is always known to show up, we can never count him out. 

Rory Mcllroy

Leading to the US Open, Mcllroy won the Canadian Open which put him to rank 3 from rank 8. He is one of the top contenders, not for his sudden rank, but the fact that he had top ten finishes in 25 out of 53 majors that he played since 2007. Such consistency is always dangerous and Mcllroy is known to step up when it matters.

2022 has already had some great tournaments and we have seen who have excelled so far. These golfers are the ones to watch out for the remainder of 2022, the greatest contenders to be or remain rank 1.

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