Everything You Should Know about World Crazy Golf Championships

Innovation is an exciting thing, whether it’s in the tech field, a new software, or a new sport. We love to play and compete, and seeing a new sport rising in popularity is a good thing. Today we have eSports which not too long ago did not receive much media attention and coverage. It is also worth mentioning though that traditional sports are evolving as well, and the next time you get your Bruce Betting Coupon Code there might be a lot more options on how to use it, as different competitions are gaining popularity. Here we will talk about a relatively new sports competition called World Crazy Golf Championships, and bring you up to speed with everything you need to know. 

How old is World Crazy Golf Championships

WCGC is actually a fairly young competition, as the first tournament was held in the year 2003. The good news is that the competition persists and it has been held regularly on an annual basis ever since 2003. 

WCGC takes place at the Adventure Golf Complex in Hastings, East Sussex, and it got its name after a Crazy Golf Course that is a part of that complex. So just like the name suggests this is the golf course where the competition takes place, and competitors get to win a prestigious trophy.

Another surprise is that the competition is not too obscure, in fact, people from all over the world come to compete. Over the past 18 years, players from England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Finland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and even the US have attended. However, it is worth mentioning that so far only 6 people have won the coveted trophy, which means the sport already has familiar faces and serious rivalries. That being said, things will likely change and more players from different countries will attend, so we might see some new faces on the winning podium. 


One of the main appeals is that there are no age restrictions so everyone can compete. There are categories for juniors, amateurs, and women, so there will be multiple competitions over a course of a single tournament, and each of these has a dedicated prize. 

The course consists of 18 holes with different obstacles, like bends, twists, bunkers, obelisk, lighthouse, water wheel, and windmill, pretty much everything you get to see on a miniature golf course. 

All players have to use the same type of ball, and there are currently six qualification rounds. The top 18 players are selected based on their score, and they get to compete in the finals. Whoever wins at the end gets  £1000 in prize money, but the prizes are likely to grow as the competition becomes more popular. This is a clear sign that if you are good at mini-golf and want to compete with the very best, WCGC is the place to be. Help this event become even more popular, and be remembered as one of the people who made history. 

Author: betteradmin